Baby Led Weaning

Is it time for HELLO! Solid Foods to your little one? Sharing with you, one of my discoveries as a newbie mom.


Many moms are trying this new method of introducing solid foods to babies.

It is called “BABY LED WEANING” (BLW)”, it is simply introducing solid foods to your baby and letting her/him feed her/himself. Not forcing him/her to eat ,but by simply offering a plate of nutritious food and allowing your baby to get on his own. No need to puree & no spoon needed too.

When can I start introducing solid food?

  • When your baby is already 6 months old
  • When he/she can sit upright
  • Consult your pediatrician before introducing solid foods or beginning BLW.

Tips & Discoveries in Baby Led Weaning:

  • Make sure your baby can sit upright already – We started introducing solid food to Zee when he was 6 months and 3 weeks old, because he can’t sit upright when he was exactly six months old. As Moms we know our babies better, we can feel it when he/she is ready for the solid food.
  • Choose a comfortable chair – we’ve bought booster seat instead of a high chair because our house is small (its space saver) you can also start by placing your baby in your lap. (I heard Ikea Hair Chair is the best)
  • Have a good bib and floor mat – too late that I’ve discovered that there’s such an invention like a giant place mat that can be placed under your baby’s chair. That invention should have saved me a lot of time sweeping the floor and picking up foods spills hehe. Also invest on a good bib, a water-proof type – easier to clean and less prone to stains. Most Zee’s top are now stained and can no longer be used :(  (Life Hack: You can use Manila Paper as floormat – more Tipid)
  • Offer food in stick-like cut (thick, about the size of the index finger) – start with veggies and fruits. My hubby and I adjusted to Zee’s menu, not Zee adjusting to our diet, In short, we became healthy eaters. We are now Fishetarian and Veggie Lovers hehe.
  • Know your baby’s mood – it is important to time it when baby is happy and not sleepy. So he/she will enjoy the eating time, we usually eat with Zee, and I think Zee loves it when we eat as whole family. I normally breastfeed Zee before his meal time and it works, he seems to be more interested in his food.
  • Don’t leave your baby alone- yes, we are training our babies to be independent but we shouldn’t leave our babies alone unattended. It is a good idea to eat with your baby, a good training I guess of “eating time” I heard babies love routine and schedule.
  • Anti-choke Training – some moms suggest to attend a training for Anti-Choking First Aid at Red Cross PH. But what’s good about BLW, it trains the baby naturally to chew his/her food. (Zee upto now has no record of choking)
  • Have a support group/community – having a support group will make your journey happier and easier, moms shared their experiences, tips, recipes, frustrations and successes. Check out: Baby Led Weaning PH I also love this site

What I love about Baby Led Weaning:

  • It promotes Independence and Confidence – I can see the result now to Zee, He now 21 Months Old, He can eat on his own and drinks from a cup/glass.
  • Messy Eaters are Smarter – since we do not offer purees and mashed foods in BLW, babies can feel the texture, see the colors and shapes. This article is also a good-read: Messy Eaters are Fast Learners
  • Less Mealtime Battles – Zee eats almost everything, but his favorite are Squash in Coconut Milk and Fish.
  • Happy Eater- Zee loves to eat, foods are not alien or an enemy to him hehe.


  • Cute Photos-  I find Zee’s messy moments : cutie happy moments (I am thankful I was able to capture his first gripped, first smashed, first chew)

2 years old UPDATE: He started to eat on his own using a spoon & fork when he was 1 year and 2 months. He still loves vegetables but now.. we are trying to limit his “sweets” like momma he got sweettooth too haha!

5 years old UPDATE: He is loves vegetables, He eats on his own and very independent.

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