Why a newbie homeschooler should attend the Philippine Homeschool Conference?

“Where did you enroll Zee”? asked a mom.

“Oh, we are currently homeschooling him” I answered.

“Ay! Why?” she replied

I know many people get shocked and curious why we chose to homeschool our son.

We’ve decided not to enroll him in a regular school this year and gave homeschooling a try this school year.



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Practical ways to save when you have a new baby

Having a baby is indeed a blessing from Above, but of course.. we moms know that starting from pregnancy,  (prenatal check-ups, vitamins, ultrasound etc.) up to the “delivery day”, it is a bit costly  to have a baby.



When I gave birth to my son, I wasn’t able to get back to work or business right away. Limited budget talaga kami kaya nadiscover  rin namin ang iba’t-ibang ways to save for our little bundle of joy.

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Health is Wealth : Usanimals Multivitamins

For us mommies and inays, one of our concerns as mothers is our child’s health and nutrition. Tipid ako in many ways, but when it comes to “health” I make sure, we (with my husband) are giving the best for our son.

Did you know that?… 

“Sugar” has a big impact in our health today, and mostly not good. Like what Dra.Rio Rita, a pediatrician, shared during her talk at Usana’s office that most kids today have “sweet tooth”. Most of us parents are guilty sa pag-give in sa “sweet cravings” ng kids natin.. right? No wonder there’s an increase rate of obesity and malnutrition in children today.

I am no excuse,  may sweet tooth din ako so nakikita ni Zee yung eating habits ko, kaya ngayon I should be extra mindful on my eating habits para maging role model sa child ko.


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Make it a September to Remember for Lolo and Lola at SM

Our lolo and lola played a big part in our childhood.. I can still recall kung paano ako inalagaan ng lola ko noon..

And to our surprise, when Zee, our son came, my husband and I are both amazed on how our parents, aunts and uncles have changed as new grandparents to Zee.

Wouldn’t you agree, our child’s lolos and lola are…

✓The Kids spoilers

✓Treat Givers (hello candies and lollipops)

✓On-call Baby Sitters (haha!)


Couldn’t agree more to this quote! :)

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Prayer: A lifetime investment for our children (31 days of prayer PRINTABLE)

Being a mother, I know how busy our day can be.. and sometimes, we forget of one of the most important thing we can do for our children.. to pray for them..

But when I heard about Nikki Gil’s story, that her parents were praying for her future husband ever since she was a little girl. And  she was spared from a wrong relationship and was lead eventually to the right man. I am amazed of the power of a praying parent.

So happy din to see this free 31 Days of Prayers for Your Child printable online. But of course, you still get to pray your own heartfelt prayers for our children, this is just a guide for everyday character that we want to focus as our prayer point for the day.



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Have a Happy “BIRTH-DAY” at World Citi Med

I can still recall the pain of childbirth, the challenges of breastfeeding, and even a simple toilet break was really challenging when I gave birth to my son four years ago… so, I promised myself, God-willing, if we are to be blessed with Baby Number 2, I would like me and my husband to really prepare for it. I want a more relaxing stay in the hospital, a more comfortable room for me and my baby. Dahil hindi pala madali manganak and kailangan talaga ng time for recovery ni mommy.



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