A Snacktacular Weekend with Oishi

Mommies and Daddies, if you are looking for a fun family bonding this weekend and you’re a fan of Oishi Products at the same time, The Oishi Snacktacular Event is the perfect treat for you and your family!


My family and I went to Festival Mall Alabang yesterday to experience the #OishiSnacktacular 2017, it was loaded with fun (and snacks) that the whole family can enjoy. It is like an amusement center loaded with Oishi Yummy Snacks – our Pinoy All Time Favorite Snacks!

The entrance is free, and they will give you a Pass that serves as something like a treat card. When you complete all the stamps by participating in their really fun activity booths, you’ll be entitled to their daily raffle for a chance to win the P500 Gift Certificate and to get a free Oishi Shirt.



Here are the games and activities that will surely make your weekend bonding a memorable one:

Cuckoo Blaster – get a partner and catch as many balls as you can and win refreshing Oishi Drinks! (Php 120/game)



Buti nahatak ko si husband to join para mas marami kaming makuha na balls! I got 8 and hubby got 7 = Total of 15 balls!

Act like a cutie chicken mommies and daddies, gamitin nyo wings para mag-shoot ng balls! Ansaya nya promise!



Snack Shack – this is my favorite, parang shopping spree experience! In 60 seconds put all your favorite Oishi Snacks in the 2 foot giant pack.






Even my little guy enjoyed this game, kaso yung mga nasa ibaba lang yung abot nya! haha (share ko video namin soon mommies..)

Okay ito specially pang-baon ng kids – My top picks Bread Pans, Wafu, Pillows and Cereals





Snack Catcher – act like a human crane and grab Oishi Snacks as many as you can, pati legs pwede gamitin, yesterday’s  top record is 103 snacks. WOW!



103 na nung around 3PM?!


Feeling Bata ulit :)


O- Twirl – choose between two flavours available choco chug or matcha flavour plus two oishi toppings of your choice.


My little guy chose Choco Chug with Wafu and Sponge as toppings :)



Make Your Own Snack – enjoy your favourite Oishi Chips with yummy dips.


I had Ridges and Pancho’s Nacho Cheese with Cheese Dip. Winner!



It was nice to see and mingled with other mom bloggers too.






Try it guys guys, it is all worth it! Have fun with your whole family and take advantage of extra savings for your family snacks and kid’s baon while having fun.


Here are some of my recommendations before you visit the Oishi Snacktacular:

  • wear comfortable clothes (do not wear skirt or formal dress if you intend to play the games)
  • bring water
  • go early para less crowd pa (but consider also the daily raffle draw every 7PM if you complete all the activities)
  • bring extra eco bag
  • bring your selfie stick (for family pictures and inays may mga celebrities din)
  • orient your kids not to go and talk to stranger (but don’t worry there are security personnel yesterday making sure that the event is safe and secure)

When and Where?

July 28 to 30, 2017 (Friday to Sunday, 10AM to 7PM)

2/L Carousel Court, Festival Mall, Alabang

Is there an entrance fee?

It is open for public, free entrance fee.

But the games and activities are pay per play basis.




Enjoy Mommies!


9 thoughts on “A Snacktacular Weekend with Oishi

  1. Mukhang yearly na itong Oishi event. It really looks fun but I’m not sure kung game family ko na maggames sa mall. hehehe! My son likes Pillows, Kirei and Prawn Cracker.

  2. I saw your posts on social media about this, as well as from other bloggers. I think it looks really fun, especially yung naghakot kayo ng foods. hehe. Hindi ko nga lang natunugan to, sayang! lol.

  3. Looks like a real fun event. I would like to experience diving in that pool of snacks. Surely my boys would love the idea of their mom bringing home lots of chips.
    I also like the pressure of filling that huge pack with chips in just a minute. I doubt if I could even move my legs and hands given the pressure. But what I like best about the event is mingling with mommies and having some chit chats with them.

  4. That was fun!! Lalo yung giant cuckoo blaster and snack catcher! And nagutom na naman tuloy ako seeing most of my favorite oishi snacks. Sayang hindi kami umabot sa event. Naku for sure, game na game si hubby mag-join sa mga games. :D

  5. I’m super inggit! I’ve been wanting to attend a Oishi Snacktacular event kaso laging di ok sa schedule. Pareho tayo, that Snack Shack is my fave, that always caught my attention whenever I’m seeing Snacktacular Event.

  6. It looks fun! Sayang hindi ko napilit si husband na pumunta! When I told my son the games available on the event, he was eager to go and would want to experience esp. the human crane. But, he has a basketball training on weekends and we also had prior event at SM. Hopefully, they can have it again here at alabang next year and we’d clear up our schedule to experience this.

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