A Delicious “DIPScovery” with Lady’s Choice®

anila 2017 – The thriving food-scene in the Philippines welcomes the rise of luxe drink concoctions, fushion dishes and creative and fun food-pairings fresh off the menu in restaurants that Filipinos are always on the look-out for. With Unilever Food Solutions (UFS) Philippines’ vision to help improve the Filipino dining scene, it stirs up exciting ways to transform a simple dish by pairing it with tasty and mouthwatering dips that chefs and cooks can recreate with just one key ingredient – Lady’s Choice® Real Mayonnaise



“It’s a common quality of diners, particularly Filipinos, to have something on the side – something to add more flavor and taste to their food, either a sauce or a dip that’s perfect for that particular dish. Discovering that there are many ways to enhance and make dishes even tastier through creating and putting together countless dip varieties has been key to make eating more exciting and something to look forward to,” shares UFS Philippines Country Marketing Manager Pat Mallari.



Couldn’t agree more mommies, we Pinoys, we really love dips or “sawsawan” to pair our meals either at home or whenever we dine-out, I’m just glad to be part of “DIPScovery” event, I’ve learned tips and technique on how to DIY our own dips at home.

Mas mura naman talaga mag DIY di ba mommies? Instead na bumili ng different dips.

We were given a chance to mix ingredients and make our own dips during the event. I made my Pesto Garlic Dip! Perfect Pair for Fish Fillet or Chicken Fingers Inays!


My very own Lady’s Choice Mayonnaise + Pesto and Garlic Dip :)



Made by Cook Magazine Team :)

“It’s exciting to see how much the food industry has grown here in the country. It has become more competitive with new restaurants opening at every corner almost every day” says Chef Fernando Aracama, the special guest who showcased three innovative dips that launches UFS PH’s campaign, Real Love is Lady’s Choice: Creating Perfect Pairs. “It is up to us chefs and restaurant operators to enhance our already good food by simply pairing it with flavorful dips”

Apart from adding dips as an idea to innovate menus, UFS PH offers other ideas in its newly revamped website for chefs and cooks alike.


By visiting www.ufs.com, chefs, cooks and all food service owners and operators can now see how Lady’s Choice® Real Mayonnaise, and many other UFS brands and products, can make preparing meals a lot easier and exciting to customers.

“We want to be a part of their journey as they continue to explore ways to innovate and grow through pairing with a customer favorite and staple – dips”. says Mallari

For more recipe ideas to create dips that make dishes more tasty and exciting, visit www.ufs.com




Mommies, check out their new packaging, mas tipid! walang tapon pa, perfect din for picnic!




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