5 Practical Home Styling Tips

We’re living in a 42 sqm. house, our tiny living helped us be more creative and practical in terms of home styling.

Practical Tips on Home Styling

Improving our home look is one of my favorite tasks as a mom and wife, in our house, “we try to have a place for everything and put everything in place”.

But it’s quite challenging now since we have a preschooler who doesn’t like “organization”, who loves playing freely and scattering toys is his favorite exercise. (I know most moms can relate! Haha) but not only that, when we became parents, home improvement became at the bottom list of our priorities.


That’s why I’m happy to share with you some practical tips in home styling: 


  1. Do it yourself 

We love to DIY, not only its economical but it gives your home a personal touch.

Sharing with you my husband’s DIY Canvass Wall Frame.



  1. Upcyling 

One of the ways to save money in home improvement is to re-purpose items and upcycle them. Like for example this old “fish sauce” bottle that we’ve upcycled to a flower vase.




  1. Know your personality 

We believe, our home reflects a part of the owner’s personality ,so designing your home based on your personalities, it will help you save in the long run, because it avoids redecorating yearly and changing your furniture and stuff yearly.


  1. Invest on good & quality home items

Being Frugal & Practical is not being cheap, we know the value of quality and we invest on those furniture & fixtures.


  1. Add a little something to upgrade the look 

By adding a small plant in the bathroom it changes the room’s whole ambiance, you can also consider adding some modern sinks to give an extra stylish look for your bath room.




Who says only home owners can decorate their own home, even if it is not yet your very own, you can start styling and decorating it while you’re still renting.


There you have it, hope these tips for home improvement helped you mommies to plan your new home – new look this year.


Do you have another tip in styling your home? Please feel free to share it with us!




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